Organic grown Papaya fruit trees at Hacienda Chichen Resort, an Eco-Cultural Spa Getaway, the ideal Green Maya Vacation Spa Resort.       The Ceiba or Kapok tree, is sacred tree to the Maya. View our full collection of Mayan Flora and medicinal plants here

Welcome to the Hacienda Chichen Resort's Flora Guide: Kapok - Sacred Ceiba Tree

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Did You Know ?

Kapok Ceiba Trees are sacred to the Maya people of Yucatan, Mexico

Ancient Maya people collected the light soft
silky fiber inside Ceiba fruits to create yarns
and fine fabrics; such fiber is called "Pochote"


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Hacienda Chichen Resort's Botanical Gardens
An Eco-Cultural Mayan Spa Gateway and private Maya Jungle Nature Reserve
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Mayan Sacred Tree of Life: La Ceiba SCIENTIFIC CLASSIFICATION:
Malvaceae Bombacaceae
Ceiba pentandra

Yucatan's Flora: Kapok or Ceiba Tree
Mayan Tree and Wild Medicinal Plant
Lush Botanical Gardens and Tropical Flora at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Ceiba Tree flowers are off white with loads of nectar. The Ceiba or yaaxche tree is sacred to the Maya since ancient times.Kapok, Ceiba Tree: Yaaxche (Maya)  Ceiba pentandrais the most Sacred Tree to the Maya,  (flowers photo) belongs to the Bombacaceae family.  Ceiba or kapok trees at the Hacienda Chichen's gardens and Nature Reserve grow from 45 to a 100 feet tall.  Among its interesting features are the bulky woody spines that cover the Ceiba's trunk while young, some can be observe even when the tree has reached seven years of age;  Ceibas trunk when young is deep jade green and as it ages, the coloration changes to a pale grayish with  green undertones and brown striped bark.

Ceiba trees' have umbrella shape crowns and the branches extend in layers; the trees loose their leafs during dry season just after flowering. Ceiba or Kapok trees produce a silky cotton like fiber within their fruits, such fruit pods are called by the Maya people "pochote," (top photo) a highly valuable fiber for clothing since pre-Hispanic times. The Ceiba's seedpods are found within its fruits' cotton-like fibers helping propagate and dispense seeds in the wind.

Near many of the Hacienda Chichen Cottages, visitors can enjoy the majestic beauty of the Ceiba Kapok Trees.Commonly referred in Yucatan as la Ceiba, the Ceiba pentandra trees give their first pochote crop after reaching seven years of age; young Ceiba trees have large thorny spines protruding from the trunk to discourage wild rodents damaging the  tree's trunk. When mature kapok trees have buttresses to help the tree stabilize itself.

Even today, Maya people honor the Ya'axche or Ceiba Tree as an energy connection with the Cosmos, Earth, and the Underworld; ever present in ceremonies and as a medicine plant, this beautiful tree is were the Maya Gods abide, and so do may forest supernatural creatures and energies. Young Ceiba trees have exotic looking thorny green trunks.

 The Ceiba Tree of Life plays an important central part at each Mayan Wedding Ceremony and in other Mayan holistic rituals as well as in many Mayan mythological legends still belief by the Mayan rural people to be part of supernatural dark energies in the form of demons and legendary beings, such as is the case of the Ix Tabay  or X'Tabay.

Oil from Ceiba leafs is carefully extracted and used by Mayan Healers and Yaxkin SpaAt Hacienda Chichen is committed to protect the flora and fauna found in its own private Maya Jungle Nature Reserve and Neo-tropical forest where many Ceibas grow wild and new young kapok trees have planted to reforest a vast area of the reserve.  Guests of this green boutique hotel enjoy observing many plants and animals that reside in tthe Kapok's huge branches or Ceiba trees (named Ya'axche in Maya language).  Visitors can observe wild birds nests, small reptiles and mammals it the Kapok's huge branches, as well as a variety of insects and frogs  breed in the pools that collect on the many bromeliads and crevices found in Ceibas.


Mayan Medicinal Plants and Sacred Trees
Yucatan's Lush Flora: Mayan Ethno-Botany in Hacienda Chichen,  Chichen Itza, Mexico

Ceiba trees give refuge to many beautiful wild birds at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoThe Ceiba or Yaaxche as the Maya call the Kapok tree Ceiba pentranda, is the most sacred of all Mayan sacred trees. Central to the Mayan ethno-medicine healing traditions (medicinal plants used by the Mayan Healers in the Peninsula of Yucatan and other Maya regions: Chiapas, Belize, Guatemala) that are still kept with great respect and taught verbally  by Mayan J-Men who actively practiced the Mayan holistic healing arts; such natural way of holistic Mayan healing is taught from one generation to the next by example and careful study of the Maya medicinal plants in the wild since ancient times. 

Since the Spaniards burned almost all Mayan books and codices, J-Men and Mayan healers have little written records of their medicinal methods; today, few books by western writers have recorded some of the important Mayan ethno-medicine healing traditions, medicine plants, remedies, cures, and holistic practices. Mayan healers use Mayan holistic rituals and healing ceremonies with prayer, divination, ethno-medicine traditions, and guidance from their spiritual guardians that communicate through dreams and their holy Sas'tun (quartz) holistic messages to cure, purify, or cleanse a person. 

Read more about the Mayan Sacred Holistic Rituals where the Ceiba Tree plays an important role.The  sacred Maya Ceiba or Yaaxche tree is also one of the most important elements of ancient Maya Cosmovision and a key player among the Maya sacred flora and medicinal plants, use in Mayan purification rituals by J-Men or Mayan healers.  At the Hacienda Chichen's Maya Jungle Reserve and hotel gardens travelers and visitors can enjoy observing the majestic Ceiba trees around the property.  These beautiful Kapok trees support a variety of wild birds, endemic fauna, butterflies, insects, and small mammals. Among its interesting features are the bulky woody spines that cover the Ceiba's trunk while young, some can be observe even when the tree has reached seven years of age;  Ceibas trunk when young is deep jade green and as it ages, the coloration changes to a pale grayish with  green undertones and brown striped bark.

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Mayan Ethno Botany and Yucatan's Flora

Yucatan Adventure  Green Travel Guide is a volunteer Sustainable Green Travel Guide designed by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech A. C. a NGO sustainable civil society founded by Hacienda Chichen Resort's owners and staff in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  Hacienda Chichen's  sustainable green vision and eco-cultural mission committed to provide travelers a soulful Mayan cultural experience as well as a Green Getaway to explore the eco-wonders and cultural traditions of the Maya; as well as to support the welfare of Mayan rural communities and to promote Sustainable Geo-Tourism.  Visit Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa's website:

Enjoy Hacienda Chichen Resort's Flora Guide and Botanical Gardens beauty and serenity when visiting Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Published Photos &  Information Courtesy of
Hacienda Chichen Resort and Belisa B. Gordon
Environmental Director / Maya Nature Reserve
November 2009, September 2012, July 2013, May 2016