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Flash photo-set courtesy of Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Understanding the Maya Art of Holistic Healing

 Yaxin Spa is a genuine Maya Holistic Spa and Wellness Center in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

The Essential Elements of Maya Holistic Healing
Our Interview with Yaxkin Spa Holistic Center's new visionaries, its Maya Healers,
Spa Consultant and Wellness Coach in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

We had the pleasure of interviewing Yaxkin Spa's new generation of wellness personal care visionaries, its Spa Consultant, Holistic Wellness Coach, and Maya Healers.  The experience left us in awe!  This unique intergenerational Spa team is composed of four proactive professional females filled with enchantment, wisdom, and respect for Mother Nature.  They are focus on bringing their Maya Spa guests the best holistic wellness care imagined..  


We started the interview with its youngest member, Isabel Gutierrez (right top photo), a Marine Biologist and Anthropologist dedicated to the Maya. Her youthful glow comes from her years of careful health and wellness personal care and her dedication to understand her body, mind, and spiritual needs at a deep level. "To be healthy is a goal we all should aim to," she explains with a healthy gentle smile that tells a lot about her approach to live, no wonder she is the new holistic wellness coach at Yaxkin Spa.   


Maya Cosmo-Vision of Humankind and the Universe

In this article the Mayan Senior Healer, Senior Maya J-Men Idelfonso, who certified Yaxkin Spa Maya Wellness Cener,   shares with you some basic understanding of Maya Cosmo-Vision along with the healing elements and sacred rituals that are performed at Yaxkin Spa by authentic Maya Healer therapists known as Ix’men (Maya female healer and priestess).

PRAYER is the most powerful tool any Mayan healer has, and it is offered to Junab K’uj (God’s Spirit) and to the Yuumtsiloób (gods) as a spiritual request for assistance to the healer in his or her work.  Prayer opens the channel of healing and aids in bringing balance to the person’s Ch’ulel or life energy force between the physical and spiritual worlds.  Prayer, the spoken word in reverence and in a deep state of meditation, is the power that unites us with the universe and the divine.  Prayers are always repeated in numerical sequences and are normally accompanied by aromatherapy or incense burning of copal and other sacred resins.  Prayers carry a pure energy when made during daily meditation.

Eco-Spa natural ingredients use at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza.BLESSING OF THE WATER is of utmost importance to a Mayan healer, especially to the Ix’men (female healer) because of the connection blessed water has with Ix-chel, the Mayan Moon Goddess of medicine, and with the human body and the energy that flows within it.  Blessed water, especially from Maya Sacred Cenotes, is a powerful element that purifies and cleans the energy within.  In a Spa ritual at Yaxkin Spa, water is the link to health and balance.

SACRED NEW FIRE follows the blessing of the water as the symbol of light and energy.  Fire is the element that unites us with life forces and the spiritual realm.  Sacred Copal must be harvested during a full moon and is burned to aid healing, cleansing, and releasing that which blocks a person's healthy balance and energy.  New Fire is offered to Junab K’uj prior to initiating a Spa ritual or ceremony at Yaxkin Spa.

EARTH, Mayan clays, herbal remedies, and stones, gems, sacred wood and trees, honey, and corn are all part of the spiritual connection that help the Mayan healer cure and restore the flow of life energy in each of us.  The ancient Maya Corn Ceremony honors the Spirit of the Earth and Mother Nature, as well as reminds the participants where they come from, with the help of Ix-chel, also regarded as a powerful healer, the Ix’men performs mystical rituals and healing ceremonies where the spiritual and physical worlds meet.

AIR is the element that carries vital energy and the spirit of life. Sound travels through air and bonds with it to bring the powerful cosmic living vibrations of sacred words that can heal mind, emotions, and body.  The healer’s words are spoken in harmony with peaceful breathing to directly provide the rhythm of health and balance.  The spiritual power of wind, sound, and sahumados (copal smoke and other burning aromas) release harmony and unblock the effects of stress, blocked energy, and emotional trauma.

, communicate with the Mayan Priests and Healers through intuition, insight vision, dreams, and sometimes even through physical manifestations that act as conduits to instruct and guide the Mayan healer.  J’men and Ix’men perform an important sacred ceremony known as K’eek to purify the soul which has a powerful spiritual connection with deities, Mayan spirits such as Aluxes, and Nature that provide the right path to bring balance, harmony, and health to all the bodies that embrace the life force of a person.

MASSAGE TECHNIQUES, HERBAL BATHS, RUBS, ORGANIC WRAPS, GEMS, STONES, SACRED SOUNDS, HERBAL CURES, and OILS, are some of the tools Mayan Healers commonly use to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.  Yet, it is the inner attuning with God’s Spirit and Love that is the most precious tool used by the Maya J’men and Ix’men healers.  Love, kindness, intuitive compassion, and listening in peace are important parts of the healing process and health care. Yucatan Eco-Spa Healing traditions at Yaxkin Spa in Chichen Itza

TEMPERATURE CHANGE is of great importance to the Maya philosophy of healing.  Maya people believe that rapid change in temperature is the cause of many bone pains and muscle spasms; arthritis, rheumatism, and other disorders are believed to be linked to inadequate changes of temperature through one’s daily routines.  All illnesses are treated by their cold or hot relationship with energy flow levels. 

RITUALS AND CEREMONIES have tremendous spiritual and healing power. They provide the frame in which mind, emotions, soul, and spirit become one, where the purification of ch’ulel can be relieved and the invasive energy can be transformed; thus, healing take place.  Yaxkin Spa rituals are focused on balancing the inner energy flow of each person by releasing stress, anxiety, and other toxic emotions (or physical ailments) from the self.  Each ritual at Yaxkin Spa calls upon different aspects of the self to be restored to health and harmonious balance. Yaxkin Spa offers you the best Maya Spa experience in Mexico.

At Yaxkin Spa, each holistic Maya ritual and ceremony starts with a prayer in the presence of light, aromatherapy with sacred incenses, and the blessing of pure, fresh cenote water.  Fire and Air dance together in the harmonious flow of candle light, while sacred musical rhythms (conch or drums) and chants help set the spa ambiance into the frame of a Maya Ritual site.  Our healers use therapeutic organic wraps combined with gem-stone energy purification; Sastuns, blessed pure energy stones that have been charged with the moon or sun energy, are cleansed with organic sea salt after each ritual. 

Herbal medicine and natural remedies used in Yaxkin Spa are 100% organically grown on Hacienda Chichens property by our own staff, ensuring quality (no sprayed pesticides) and freshness.  Ix'men Beatriz Correa personally prepares the herbal mixes, Kakaw Spa paste, Mayan wild fresh herbs and pure essential oils, spa mud clays, and fresh fruit blends for the sancochos, or herbal fusion, applied at the end of each ritual onto the skin; the sancochos clean the impurities of the skin and remove any organic pastes or excess oils from the body. Our Maya Spa is certified by the Mayan Elders and Healers.


Come enjoy our acclaimed "Ya'ax Tun Skin Care Treatment" the ultimate full body and skin nourishment Spa therapy sure to help your skin cells restore their natural beauty and healthy grown with our 100% organic grown blue-green cenote algae known as Mayan Jade Algae with rich Spirulina algae nutrients that restore skin cells overall health, prevent premature skin cell aging with their rich mineral and vitamin nutrient concentration; a truly deluxe Wellness skin care treatment and green Spa full body skin cells therapy.   


Come and enjoy the holistic healing traditions of the Maya people in an ambiance filled with elegance, joy and reverance to Mother Nature and the Spiritual Realm  

To learn more about the holistic Maya rituals and ceremonies offered at
Yaxkin Spa, please click

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Maya Spa Rituals and Home Spa Care


Home Spa sessions of any kind are highly recommended, especially during times of mild stress and tension.  You can highly intensify their effect by integrating a few holistic caring routines, essential to one’s health and personal welfare. Maya Rituals can enhance your Home Spa pampering care when performed with reverence and in a holistic frame of mind.   A holistic Maya ritual, such as U TS’ÍITS J’AIL TS’ONO’OT or the water blessing ritual, can ignite powerful chemical changes in the water that has been blessed; such water when drank with reverence, will bring the purifying energy benefits that revitalize a person’s ch’ulel, our vital life force, and restore a healthy equilibrium within. 

Here is a ritual full of Ancient Maya Wisdom that is offered at Yaxkin Spa and can be adapted to your home environment; but first take care to set your own Spa spot at home by:

Indulge in the pampering healing traditions of the Maya at Yaxkin SpaSET THE PLACE: Start each ritual at home by choosing a peaceful place, such as your bedroom or bathroom, and choosing a comfortable sofa or chair, best if near a window that overlooks nature in a peaceful setting.  Next, begin to create a harmonious setting by placing an unleaded clay bowl full of fresh, pure water (avoid chlorine water such as city tap-water, instead try bottled spring water that has not had any minerals added) in a table covered with a white linen.  Then place soft lighted candles with the aroma that calms you most, a few fresh flowers that match (violets with lavender smells, orange blooms with citrus smells, copal with wildflowers, etc). 

Add serene, rhythmic meditation music, along with incense that blends with the aroma of the candles and a few gemstones of your choice: jade, rose quartz, obsidian, tiger eye, etc. If you have little knowledge of stone’s energy and characteristics, browse the Internet for information and create a small list to keep for future reference on their energy charges.

Wash your feet and hands, wear a loose white wrap that is comfortable and has a simple elegance (this will help your emotions flow into a spa-like home ambiance and inspire your senses to relax and feel good).  Check the temperature of the fresh water for comfort: not too hot or too cold.  Barefooted and with clean feet and hands, stand facing the table where the water bowl was set.  Place a gem of your choice in your hands and close your eyes; slowly breath with a deep, peaceful rhythm, think positive and kind thoughts; then start your prayer invoking Junab K’uj, God, or your Higher Power.  Lift your spirit and feel life flowing in your breathing; calmly bless the water with heart-felt words forming a brief prayer of purification to restore peace, health, and inner joy. 

Blessing of the Water in Yaxkin Spa, Mayan holistic center, Yucatan MexicoGently drop the gem into the water bowl which now has absorbed your loving essence; dip a flower into the water and mist the air around you as you bless the area. Place slowly your hands four times, for this water is blessed and carries now the four vital elements of life. Give thanks to Junab K’uj for his gift of love to humankind.  You just concluded the ritual of U TS’ÍITS J’AIL TS’ONO’OT, or the water blessing ritual, to release toxic stress energy from your own body (water), mind, and soul.

The ritual of U TS’ÍITS J’AIL TS’ONO’OT, to release toxic stress and negative energies from your own body (water), mind, and soul, is primordial to the healing process in the treatment of all types of diseases.  The sacred, pure life force energy in water is acknowledge as the cleansing media and the connection of mind-over-body and thought-spiritual energy-power over physical-emotional energies manifested as diseases and illnesses.  This deep understanding of the human multi-level interconnection is finally being rediscovered in modern medicine after psychotherapy has proven to help the shatter spiritual nature of humans.  Today, physicians are beginning to understand the important inner connection of mind-body and the psycho-emotional roots manifested in the physical form (body).

Visit Yaxkin Spa when you travel to Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.Fear, stress, as well as negative mental and physical environments or energy fields are all causes of spiritual disconnection of the soul and mind.  Maya healing recognizes the interconnection of natural energy of the human’s multiple bodies (mental, spiritual, and emotional) and energy fields.  Like other ancient, refined civilizations, the Maya have long recognized the nature of disease, which flows within the soul as well as the physical and emotional bodies of a person;  this causes all types of illness and discomforts due to the imbalance or trauma in the energy field, or ch’ulel, in a person’s inner-self.  Physical sites or locales where great collective conscious energy has been impregnated with abuses, evil spirits such as war experiences, mayor human spiritual shattering traumas, and collective fears can affect and pollute even Mother Nature and the planet Earth’s energy field’s equilibrium.

Shattered or lost soul energy can weaken the entire immune system, impair the nervous system, and bring about chronic diseases.  Shattered or lost soul energy can be restored, however, and regained through holistic healing rituals, sacred spiritual ceremonies, and purifying body treatments such as those offered at Yaxkin Spa replenish the person’s ch’ulel harmonious flow and restore the pure vital life force in a person. 

Since at home you will not have the benefit of a Maya healer, deep meditation and prayer with reverence are truly needed to aid you into the spiritual realm of faith.  Thus, none of the healing rituals described by Ix'men Beatriz Correa will accomplish their true force, unless the person performing them at home understands the importance of faith as the catalyst chemical changer in cellular energy and experience reverence in the powerful healing energy of love.

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An interview with the Holistic WellnessConsultants
   of Yaxkin Spa at Hacienda Chichen
   Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

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Holistic Healthy Habits for a Better Life:
Learn and Practice Meditation Daily


Calmed Breathing: An important skill to master Meditation

For beginners, it is very important to start their meditation in a quiet serene place such as your own room (turn off: TV, all phones including your cellular, or anything that will distract your mind. Once you have stopped all distractions, sit in a comfortable straight position (don't lay down as you may end up sleeping rather than meditating), start breathing with your nostrils in a calm rhythmic manner, clearing your mind from all thoughts, let it stay still with a natural lucid vision of what makes you feel deeply a spiritual serenity, breath slowly concentrating in the rhythmic flow of air in and out of your nostrils, this will help you stay in the moment and calmly develop inner peace and a connection with your soul energy.  Keep a silence mind to feel your own true self, not the ego materialized self, but your energy holistic self. Develop a daily habit to meditate for at least 10 minutes every day, twice a day will increase your healthy energy flow and bust your immune system by helping your mind learn to avoid stressful energy build-up.


Those beginning meditation will notice at first it will be very difficult to quiet the mind, to stop thoughts arising, this brings an awareness of how busy our mind tends to be; but with daily practice the mind will drop all they busy thoughts and ideas from interrupting our awareness of the calmed silent breathing rhythm flow of our body with no mental busy thoughts plaguing our mind.


When the turbulence of distracting thoughts and ideas subside and we are able to keep a still mind, most of the stress and anticipating energy flow of our life will come to an end, we will learn to live in the moment: in the Now; an important skill to master in this current global cultural mesh we live in.  Such is the way of the Maya Healers and Wiseman: meditation helps us live healthy lifes.

Mayan Shamans and Healers, J'Men Jose Tamay and Beatriz Correa recommend you to set time aside daily to meditate at least 20 minutes, practice a spiritual discipline that helps you remember “who you are, keep alive your own spiritual awakening path and vision, etc.” Learn to know your emotional body needs, feed your emotional body with healthy thoughts, forgiveness to let go of resentments, practice daily correct breathing and learn to know your own physical body needs, eat healthy, what your body responds to, not what others belief is best for you to eat, but what your body needs to feel good and healthy.  Practice daily energy cleansing activities such as hugs with love, laughter, and moments of true affection, take time to enjoy nature, and marvel with what God has created, from a small micro-organism to a macro cosmos, make a habit to enjoy a sunset, the rain, or any other natural manifestation of God’s creative powers.  Avoid addictions including violent movies and video games, any form of abuse and power struggle; such energies destroy our mystical flow and encourage rage, power games, frustration and other energies that are sure to bring stress, anxiety, and illness into your life.

Come experience the mystical holistic healing care of Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Article and photos by Mrs. B. Gordon
Published May 2010

Participe en nuestro Diplomado para Terapeutas Mayas Holisticos, conocimientos ideales para un toque cultural en su SPANo se Pierda esta Gran Oportunidad!
Estudios Avanzados de Salud, Belleza, y Espíritu:

 Un Diplomado ideal para trabajar Internacionalmente en un SPA de Altura
o para terapeutas de Spas que deseen ofrecer Masajes Mayas
en  México, Yucatán, y Reviera Maya.

Conozca los detalles de esta magnifica oportunidad profesional para Terapeutas, Masajistas, Gerentes y Dueños de Spas al igual que personas interesadas en la Cultura Holística de Sanación Maya.

Yaxkin Spa y La Fundación Maya In Laakeech A.C.
tienen el gusto de
participarles del Programa y Diplomado:

Maya Observatory pyramid at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, photo by Hacienda Chichen Resort
Certificación: Terapeutas Holísticos Mayas y Diplomado a Terapeutas de Spas,
Impartido en Chichen Itza, Yucatán
, México

 La Cosmovisión Maya de la salud nos brinda el conocimiento de la comunión con los reinos vegetal, animal, mineral y por supuesto con  los seres humanos. Los guardianes de las antiguas tradiciones  holísticas y terapéuticas de sanción Mayas,  nos abren su sabiduría y comparten su conocimiento en este diplomado con certificado de Terapeuta Holístico Maya

Este Diplomado incorporara elementos de la Cosmovisión Maya, medulares para la medicina tradicional holística maya, así como los conocimientos sobre simbología maya y la diferencia entre bendiciones, curaciones, herbolaria, rituales holísticos y ceremoniaPreguntanos por modos de pago e incripciones al diplomado aquis de purificación; todos ellos elementos indispensables que debemos saber para así  respetar y brindar nuestros servicios en armonía con el cosmos para purificar cuerpo, mente, emociones, pensamientos, nuestra energía vital.

Los cursos se impartirán en el idioma español, con introducción al maya.  Es importante tener las bases de la lengua maya,  su herbolaria, fruto terapia, numerología y astronomía; al mismo tiempo conocer como las vibración de la música y los colores nos llevan a la armonía del  Ser.


El diplomado U BEJIL MAYAOOB  te ofrece introducirte al fascinante mundo de la sanción maya holística, sus ritos, cosmovisión y sabiduría.

Diplomado  Impartido por  Beatriz Correa,  Directora General del  SPA YAXKIN, considerado dentro de los 10 mejores spas ecológicos del mundo. Así como dentro de los 10 mejores eco-spas de destino de Latinoamérica. Así como un grupo de expertos en la lengua maya, herbolaria, numerología maya y spa.

Este diplomado es autorizado por los cuidadores de las tradiciones mayas que trabajan en conjunto con la Fundación Maya In Laakeech A.C. Esta dirigido a Directores de SPA, supervisores, masajistas, terapeutas y Público en General. Reserva tu participacion ya! No esperes, tenemos cupo limitado....

Se requiere cursar cuatro módulos integrales de
Conocimiento y Practicas Holísticas Mayas para
obtener Diplomados y Certificados de Terapeuta
Maya con especialización de técnicas Maya SPA


Cosmovisión Maya de la Salud y Terapia Holística
 Diplomado que será impartido en Chichen Itza, Yucatán, México


Los guardines de las antiguas tradiciones  Mayas,  nos abren su sabiduría y comparten su conocimiento al mundo en este primer diplomado oficial de la Fundación Maya In Laakeech en colaboración con Yaxkin Spa, y con la participación especial de Ancianos y Sacerdotes Mayas: J-Men, sanadores mayas, cuidadores de la Cosmovisión sanadora Maya.
Calendario Maya Solar y Lunar.
Vórtices de  Energía.
Usos y  Costumbres Mayas: Tradiciones curativas holísticas mayas.
Introducción a la Herbolaria Maya-Plantas curativas.
Elementos de Sanación: Simbología Maya, limpias, masaje corporal.
Bendiciones, rituales de sanación, masaje corporal holístico maya.
Aplicaciones a la vida diaria y a las funciones de sanación en un SPA.

Maestros Sanadores,  J'Men,  X'Men y Shamanes Mayas:

J-Men Don Bartolomee PootJ-Men and M.H.P. Bartolome Poot  Respetado J-Men y Sacerdote Maya conocedor de arbolaria y herbolaria tradicional Maya.  Maestro de la medicina indigenista tradicional maya, con mas de 25 años de experiencia en sanación tradicional maya. Activo J-Men  en terapias holísticas y ceremonias sagradas mayas celebradas para la Fundación Maya In Laakeech, A.C. asociación civil no-lucrativa, eco-sustentable.

J-Men Idelfonso Ake, Sacerdote Maya,  Difusión Cultural y Cosmovisión Maya. de la Fundación Maya In Laakeech A.C.  y  Miembro de la Asociación de Ancianos y Sacerdotes Mayas A.C. de Yucatan.

MFIL Mayan Calendar and Cosmovision Teacher: Ms. Mucuy Kak M.H. Mucuy Kak Moó Marín, Ingeniera en Desarrollo y Comunicación. Maestra de Cursos en la Cosmovisión y Lengua Maya, Numerología Maya, y Calendarios Mayas. Trabaja en colaboración con los J'Men Sacerdotes del Centro Ceremonial y el Centro Educativo Maya: Oxlajunti' Kuj, dirigido por el J-Men Don Bartolomee Poot Nauhat.

Otros Invitados a los Talleres del Programa:  Masajistas y Terapeutas Mayas.

  January 2007
 Updated May 2008 / January, May 2009
 October 2009 /   Sept. 2012, July 2013 / Jan 2014 / Oct. 2014 / July 2016

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