Experience Mayan Holistic Healing Traditions at Yaxkin Spa - Yucatan's True Mayan Eco-Spa Wellness DestinationOur efforts support the Maya Childrens' nutrition, health, and education for a better future.Learning about the Maya, their healing holistic traditions, dances, cuisine, legends, Cosmo-vision, and warm spirit!
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2017 Fall / Winter Edition     

Yucatan Adventure Geo-Travel Guide
 Gateway to the best Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, has to offer.

Yucatan Adventure is a volunteer Eco-Travel Guide by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech (In Lakech) a sustainable civil society association in Yucatan, Mexico, dedicated to Sustainable Geo-Tourism, helping travelers learn about Yucatan's Colonial and Maya Culture, local Mayan people, and their traditions; as well as to inform travelers about the many wonderful eco-cultural activities, green vacation packages Yucatan offers, Mayan Spa experiences, discount vacation offers and packages, Green Hacienda hotels reviews, and great free volunteering opportunities sponsored by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech (pronounced "in lakech) and the Hacienda Chichen, both dedicated to the Mayan communities welfare in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

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Read our Green Travel News:

Sustainable Tourism:  "Hacienda Chichen an Eco-Cultural Maya Destination"

Travel Tips: "Things to Do in Yucatan"

Maya World: "Maya Healers"

Wildlife:  "Yucatan Birds - A Great Guide for Birding during your vacation"

Yucatan Endemic Snakes: "Yucatan Venomous Snakes: Impressive, Powerful"

Visit Yucatan: Green Travel  Vacation Packages Discounts and Offers

Give Maya Children a Gift of Love:
Sponsor a Nutrition Fun Day at the Rural Maya Children Albergue 

A lovely Nutrition Party Day was donated by Paty Kline and her group of nurses for the Maya children at the Albergue in Xcalacoop near Hacienda Chichen Resort. the resort's Maya Chef Antonio Caamal also joined his kitchen efforts to bring nutrition, education, and joy to all !

You too can sponsor a Maya Children's Nutrition Luncheon, Party Event for as little as USD $200 and create a Dream Fiesta for rural Maya children; this will help us continue our efforts to bring healthy meals to them year round.  Contact us and join our efforts.

Pack for a Purpose: bring children's toys and clothes to our volunteer team at Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoIf you wish to sponsor a Fun Day Event to help us help the Maya Communities we work for, please contact us via email to: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx and we will coordinate with you a healthy meaningful volunteer day for you to share with the Maya people. Sponsoring such helpful meals and parties for 65 to less children, start as little as USD $200 total cost. Our local volunteer will do the organization and coordination of the event so  when you arrive the party can begin and you or your group can enjoy giving hope and care.

Maya Foundation In Laakeech Sustainable Civil Society - helping the Maya ChildrenMaya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. Board of Directors is headed by Mr. Ruben Gutierrez and Don Valerio Canche among others.  This foundation's social work agenda will include the remodeling of community centers that give service to the Maya rural children and a new social volunteer agenda of workshops, plus nutritional cooking school events will be held to service the Mayan villages within Tinum municipality; this sustainable vision is part of the MFIL  Children Malnutrition Program we started since 2007.  Thanks to our volunteers we keep growing.


Maya Foundation In Laakeech 2015 Social Support Projects continue with our
Caring for the Mayan Rural Children
We have built a Children Nutrition Center, now help us build a Child Care where Mayan rural children can be safe and educated.

The Maya Foundation In Laakeech (Lakech) thanks Hacienda Chichen Resort for the active support, monthly donations, and the hotel's staff helping hands reconstructing and updating a Child Care Facility downtown Xcalacoop, Yucatan, Mexico. Construction ended in February 2010, since then the MFIL continue to provide Mayan rural children with nutrition meals daily, supports many child welfare programs and has expanded the social work ventures in many other areas.  Maya Nut Cooking Workshop by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech in Xcalacoop, Yuc. Mexico

Your help and donations will help us bring much needed health and education to this communities young children and rural families.  Please support us by sponsoring a Nutrition Lunch Party for the Maya rural children, or bring some toddlers' toys, learning games, color markers, good used clothes or any item you wish to gift to this rural Mayan Children's Care Center, read more.

If you wish to help us help, please bring as many bottles of Children's Multi-Vitamins as you can afford to buy to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech headquarters at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, or just contact us to pledge a donation and we will make sure the these and other nutritious products help the Maya kids.

Chichen Itza's 2017 Eco-Cultural Events:
Maya Holistic Wellness Workshops:


March 2017. Come enjoy the most celebrated sunset of the year: Spring Equinox, stay at  Hacienda Chichen and then book a Bird Tour to celebrate Mother Nature and Life.

April 2017. Stay at Hacienda Chichen to enjoy the new night show Kukulkan Nights, the show starts at 7 PM at Chichen Itza archaeological zone a few steps away from the Hacienda Chichen. Tickets are free during this month and required registration, will be granted upon request.

 Exploring the Maya Cenotes

Yucatan Cenotes: explore the beauty of this geo-wonders near Chichen Itza, by staying at Hacienda Chichen Resort

National Geographic NAT GEO team of archaeologists and cave divers chose once again, Hacienda Chichen Resort to film a TV documentary  about Maya Cenotes and their fascinating beauty. Hacienda Chichen Resort has served as a scholar headquarter for many official academic research teams since the early 20th Century. Read more about Hacienda Chichen and its Historic Colonial Landmark so committed to green living.

Congratulations to Hacienda Chichen Resort


Chinese and Mexican Leaders' Private Farewell Gala Party at
Hacienda Chichen Resort during their visit to Chichen Itza.

China's President Xi Jinping and Mexico's President visited Chichen Itza and celebrated their Private Gala event at Hacienda Chichen Resort this June 2013 Chichen Itza: Chinese and Mexican Presidents official visit June 2013, celebrating a private gala at Hacienda Chichen Resort Gourmet Catering in Chichen Itza, no other place can compare to the exclusive elegance of Hacienda Chichen Resort, where Mexican President gave a Gala Farewell Party to China's president Xi Jinping and guests

Hacienda Chichen Resort had the honor to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping, guest of Mexico's President during his Official Visit to Mexico.  After the official visit to the Maya temples at Chichen Itza, both Mexico's President Enrique Pe�a Nieto and China's President were joined by their wives and distinguished guests to enjoy the day in total privacy at Hacienda Chichen, where the Official Farewell Gala was celebrated. This exclusive event was a true success, as they took in the beauty and comfort of our suites, lush gardens, and the Colonial elegant ambiance of our Main Colonial Mansion.  The Hacienda Chichen staff is proud to have had the opportunity to represent Mexico's responsible sustainable tourism, excellent hospitality, and friendly nature. Few photos of the official event, left photo: both presidents and their wives during their visit to the Maya temples - center photo of both presidents and Yucatan's Governor Rolando Zapata.- right photo: exquisite table setting for the private gala at Hacienda Chichen Resort, over viewing the hotel's lush gardens.

Chichen Itza Exclusive Catering Services: Mexico's President visiting Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan Yucatan's Haciendas - proudly representing responsible tourism, Hacienda Chichen hosted the Presidential official visit to Chichen Itza.

 T20 Mexico Ministers of Tourism enjoy a private Gala Lunch at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, this May 16th, 2012As part of the 4th T20 Ministers of Tourism Meetings (T20 Mexico), Mexico's Secretary of Tourism invited the leading world's Ministers of Tourism and  Organizations to an exclusive Luncheon and Gala Party at Hacienda Chichen Resort; Mrs. Belisa Barbachano welcome all T20 leaders to the Hacienda Chichen before they visited Chichen Itza's Maya archaeological site. Chef Josue Cime created a masterful gourmet menu for the occasion, to the delight of all participating in this important global travel event. We congratulate the Hacienda Chichen staff for a lovely event.

Naturalist Jim Conrad for a free daily Nature Tours and Afternoon Nature Talks to the guests of Hacienda Chichen Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  Mr. Jim Conrad is an active nature conservation advocate and a member of the Maya Foundation In Lakech volunteer team.  He has written a few Nature articles for Yucatan Adventure Online Guide, so check our Nature links and enjoy his nature discoveries, and wildlife observations. Contact us if you need his help.


If you can not see the above NBC interview video, click here now.

Congratulations to Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa
for winning four years in a row the Mayan J-Men Senior Healers' Sustainable Eco-Cultural Destination Award of Excellence Read our Eco-tourism article about Yucatan's best green hotels in Chichen Itza.

Check Hacienda Chichen Resort Special Vacation Offers and Rates here

Travel Eco-News: Great Eco-Vacation and Savings

Rent Your Private Two Bedroom Cottage per week this June and Sept. 2010 at Hacienda Chichen Now  Rent your private cottage for a week vacation in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico and enjoy great Eco-cultural activities: archaeological sites, cenotes, swimming, birding, nature tours, spa services, organic cuisine, fun workshops, and much more

Rent Your Own Private Cottage at Hacienda Chichen for a very Special Low Price
USD $899 per six nights plus tax, arriving  in September 2016:

Don't miss out on a Great Rent Offer from Yucatan Haciendas' top Eco-Cultural Destination and Green Spa Resort!   Hacienda Chichen Resort is offering travelers the unique opportunity to rent a private two double bed guest-rooms / two bathroom cottage with its own private patio terrace for the unique especial discount price of USD $ 899 plus taxes (weekly rate rental offers six nights / seven days). Pre-book online your Cottage Week Rent Offer and save 10% more.

This Eco-Cottage Week Rate Rental offers guests a private terrace overlooking the lush tropical gardens of the Hacienda Chichen furnished with antique Colonial rocking chairs, handmade hammock;  rooms provide a mini-bar and coffee maker, plus ceiling fan, air conditioning units, and deluxe green amenities.  This offer is valid for rental during the month of Sept. 2015, some restrictions apply.  Don't miss this opportunity! Reserve Now 

Restrictions apply.  Private Two Bedroom Cottage Rental at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, has a per week rate and requires a prepaid non-refundable reservation and is limited to cottage availability. Contact Hacienda Chichen Reservation Center Now

Other Green Travel Offers: Maya Vacation Packages and Yucatan Haciendas' Discounts

The Maya Foundation In Laakeech is a NGO Sustainable Civil Society dedicated to preserve the Maya cultural traditions in Yucatan Mexico as we protect the envirionment and support the Maya communities in the region. Come Join Us!Dear Reader,

We hope you enjoy Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide and subscribe to our online magazine and to our new Yucatan Adventure Blog if you are interested in learning about the  Maya Calendars, Maya Culture and Traditions or Ancient Maya Civilization, Maya Cosmo-vision, Mayan Gods and Deities, or Sustainable Tourism in Yucatan Flora and Fauna, Archaeology,  Bird-watching, and other eco-cultural wonderful articles you will find in this website; plus information about our Sustainable Civil Society NGO, health and social work or  come and Volunteer with us.

We wish you a joyful and successful year 2010, proclaimed by the United Nations as the International Year of Biodiversity. You can participate in our Eco-Awareness commitment to protect Yucatan's flora and fauna volunteer programs and celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity . Everyone can support respect and awareness of cultural biodiversity and protect the environment by respectfully living in a sustainable manner; we encourage our readers to consume less, waste less, reuse more and recycle... ideal daily activities you can do!

We hope you enjoy our latest articles, it took long hours of work and great enthusiasm to research for our new wonderful articles about Yucatan's wildlife, updated this August 2009 for our Eco-Travel articles collection and our great commitment in  Sustainable Tourism and interest in Yucatan:

For the Love of Mother Nature: Yucatan's Lush Tropical Gardens and Flora.
Maya Jungle Reserve: Protecting the Fauna in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

 Yucatan Venomous Snakes

We recommend you read:

Our "Interview with Naturalist Jim Conrad" and "Agaves in Yucatan"
Healthy Habits for a Better Life: "Learn and Practice Holistic Mayan Care"

 The beautiful color photos and attractive flora and fauna descriptions are a true treasure for Nature Lovers and Eco-travelers wishing to explore the many eco-wonders of Yucatan, Mexico.  Please feel free to contact us to add new inside in our Flora and Fauna Catalog Collection.

Various hardwoods are used to build a traditional Mayan Hut, in January the MFIL started constructing one using ancestral Mayan building techniques.REMEMBER: In January 2010, the Maya Foundation In Laakeech and Hacienda Chichen Resort with the support and care of Mr. Bruce A. Gordon and his staff, built an authentic Mayan traditional rural hut at the entrance of the hotel's private Maya Jungle Reserve to house Mr. Jim Conrad who has being working as a MFIL naturalist volunteer for 18 months now, recording daily nature encounters, indentifying and cataloging many plants (flora) and animals (fauna) in  what is Yucatan's most committed eco-cultural green hotel property: Hacienda Chichen Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  We encourage you to follow his finding: subscribe to his weekly news-letter and read our online article about how to build a typical Mayan Home (Mayan Hut) utilizing traditional Mayan building techniques, read more here.

Few months ago, our writers interview J-Men Bartolomee Poot about the Maya Cosmo-vision and the holistic understanding of the Universe we live in, read more....

We hope you enjoy Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide and Green travel news articles gear to get the best out of your Eco-Vacations and visit to Yucatan, Mexico.  Please learn about our Sustainable Social Volunteer Programs which include Maya Children Nutrition, Job Related Adult Workshops, Mother Nature Conservation Program, Birding and ways you can be a  MFIL volunteer.


Ruben Gutierrez B.
President of Maya Foundation In Lakeech NGO
Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Guide and
The MFIL Board of Trustees and Volunteer Team.


Mayan Calendar Teacher, Ms. Mucuy Kak Moo is conducting the MFIL Mayan Calendars and Numerology Workshops this Winter 2009 at Hacienda Chichen Resort

Mayan Specialist Mucuy Kak Mo Marn, a dedicated Communications Development Engineer and MFIL Mayan Calendar Teacher, is offering private Mayan Calendars Workshops at Hacienda Chichen Resorts to guests pre-booking their participation.  Ms. Kak works at the Mayan Culture and Traditions School Oxlajunti' Kuj, directed by J-Men Don Bartolomee Poot Nauhat.  A Mayan Cosmo-vision scholar, she teaches Maya as a second language, Holistic Mayan Numerology, and Maya Astrology among other Mayan academic work.

Mayan Holistic Ceremonies at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Yaxkin Spa in union with the
Senior Mayan J-Men Healers offer you:

Maya Healing Way

Mayan Holistic SPA Therapist
Conferences will be held at
Yaxkin Spa,
Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Contact us for detailed information about
creating your own Maya Spa Retreat Group  Course English / Maya.

Price per person start at USD 200 + taxes

includes four Maya Cultural workshops
Contact us to create your group agenda.

Reserved your participation online

Maya Algae Spa Treat

Our Former Years Top Maya Cultural News
World Premiere Planetarium Show:

Don't miss viewing this incredible film production in your hometown planetarium: "Tales of the Maya Skies: el Universo Maya - Yok' Ol Kaab Mayaa".  The Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. and Hacienda Chichen were among the supporters of this Chabot Space Center production's team in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  To produce this extraordinary full dome planetarium show the Chabot Space Center team work in close collaboration with Mayan scholars, digital artists, astrophysics, and Mayan Healers associated with Yucatan Adventure Volunteer Team.  Tales of the Maya Skies planetarium show production was sponsored by the United States's National Science Foundation, NASA, and Mexican partnerships such as INP and SEP. Read about the Maya Cosmovision.

For our readers interested in learning more about the Mayan Calendars (Haab, Tzolkin, Long Count) we suggest reading our well informed article Mayan Calendar and visit Maya Skies interactive Maya Calendars webpage offering visitors the opportunity to convert calendar dates.

Remember to visit our Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel Blog and Join it !

9th Maya Language and Culture Symposium
Huitan, Chiapas, Mexico

Mayan Rituals and Holistic Ceremonies, read more

Mayan J-Men Senior Healers and Wiseman had their 9th Maya Language and Culture Symposium in Huitan, Chiapas, Mexico and M.H. Jose Tamay participated with Lorenzo Tamay as the Maya Foundation In Laakeech spokemen.  Both Mayan leaders are members of the MFIL Board of Trustees, MFIL is a NGO sustainable civil volunteer association dedicated to the Maya Cosmo-vision, promoting the Maya holistic cultural traditions and supporting with sustainable volunteer social programs the welfare of many Mayan Communities near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

M.H.W J-Men Idelfonso Ake celebrated the main sacred Maya ceremonies during the 4 day events of this important International Maya Language and Cultural Symposium.

Congratulations to Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa
for winning the Mayan J-Men Senior Healers' Sustainable Eco-Cultural Destination Award of Excellence Read our Eco-tourism article about Yucatan's best green Spa Resort in Chichen Itza, Mexico.
Hacienda Chichen is # 1 among Yucatan Haciendas and Spa Destinations of Mexico.

Check Hacienda Chichen Resort's  Special Vacation Offers and Rates here
Why we recommend Hacienda Chichen among all other Chichen Itza hotels? read now.

Welcome to our Volunteer Maya World:

We thank  Geotourism Challenge for Sustaining the Future of Destinations, for featuring our NGO Maya Foundation In Laakeech (pronounced: in lak'ech) innovating project with the Hacienda Chichen's support and sustainable tourism vision, this project was sponsors by National Geographic and Ashoka's Changemakers.

Hacienda Chichen slideshow activities

Our Eco-Travel News:

Our sincere congratulations to Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa for this year's successful International recognitions to their commitment to Sustainable Tourism, excellent hospitality services, and Mayan Eco-Cultural activities.  In July 2009, Spanish Magazine HOLA published its 14th Extraordinary Travel Edition selecting Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa as "the" place to stay and enjoy a Mayan cultural experience when visiting Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

In November 2010, a great experience awaits you: Green Mayan Spa experience at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Iza, Yucatan, Mexico, where you can nourish your skin with the ultimate Spa beauty and deluxe Spa Skin care.  It is with great joy we report to you that Spa Magazine included Yaxkin Spa among its Eight Eco-Spa Innovators and Green Good Spa List; for this and many other International recognitions, we congratulate Yaxkin Spa and its Mayan Healers and Eco-Spa Vision.

Join our volunteer program, read our FAQsJoin our free volunteer programs and visit Yucatan, Mexico as you help the Maya Foundation In Laakeech (la'kech) teaching ESL, or directing job related education programs, health, and social volunteer workshops.  Stay in Chichen Itza two or more weeks volunteering  in your vacations opportunities! Out of region volunteers are granted free rooming by the Hacienda Chichen at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico while helping Maya people and communities nearby.
  For our volunteers as well as travelers, we recommend you read our  "Safe Travel Tips", a helpful guide about Mexican currency, safe Credit Card habits, and useful information on "Yucatan's public bus, road safety, car rentals, and general transportation.

We invite you to  contact us  requesting sustainable tourism travel articles, free volunteer programs in Yucatan, Mexico, Mayan cultural traditions, holistic healing and any other issue you would like to read in our upcoming months, just let us know areas of interest to you and your friends and we will focus our efforts to please you!


Yucatan Adventure Geo-Travel Guide an online eco-cultural magazine dedicated to Sustainable Tourism, the Maya Culture, and social volunteer support to empower the Maya people and their communities near Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.


2016 February: Mayan Kakaw
Traditional Chocolate Festival

Celebrate Saint Valentine's Day with a Mexican Chocolate Party
Chocolate Festival starts at 4:30 PM, come and celebrate with us in
HACIENDA CHICHEN RESORT - Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico

Review Chichen Services "Green Vacation Packages" to visit Chichen Itza, Yucatan, MexicoHacienda Chichen On 14th of February 2016, Maya Chocolatier Irma Chan Tzul, Assistant Chef at Hacienda Chichen, offered free Mayan Culinary Classes to couples as part of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Fiesta and Festival Events.

Free admission limited to hotel guests, other visitors are requested a donation of USD $12 per person; Maya Chocolate Festival will offer many Chocolate delight presentations and will start at 4:30 pm; followed by our Mexican Saint Valentine's Day Cocktail Party,   

View our Annual Mayan and Colonial Festivities and Events Calendar.

From Mexico:       52 (999) 920 84 08
  : info@haciendachichen.com
Website: www.haciendachichen.com


Yucatan Wildlife, Endemic Fauna We Protect:
Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Butterflies & Other Creatures

WHAT'S NEW:  We hope our readers enjoy our April 2009 article:  "Yucatan Wildlife."  Eco-Travelers an nature lovers may enjoy the rich fauna (animal kingdom) found in in the wild Maya Jungle Reserve privately safeguarded and protected at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  Yucatan's birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, butterflies, bees, and other creatures are a joy to observe in the wild.  Yucatan's wildlife has a truly vast list of endemic fauna (indigenous animals) to protect and care for.

Yucatan's Wildlife:  Our World, Our Mission
protecting Yucatan's fauna (indigenous animals)

Mammals   Birds   Reptiles   Butterfiles  Spiders / Mantis    

We hope you find our Online Volunteer Magazine's articles interesting and full of learning fun.  Yucatan Adventure welcomes article, news, travel contributions, and ideas on how to support the Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. efforts to help the Mayan Communities nearby Chichen Itza.


We are thankful for the active support the following green travel companies give to our social work:

View our offers great Vacation Packages to visit Yucatan and enjoy its eco-cultural wonders

 Bare Essentials Magazine Collection Review, you may wish to Subscribe

National Geographic Travel article by Husna Haq, Sept. 2008    National Geographic Travel
Selected Hacienda Chichen within its
Top Wellness Destinations in North America

and among its editors  Stay List: Hotels We Love

World's Best Mayan Spa Wellness Center and Eco-Cultural Spa- Chichen Itza, Yucatan,  Mexico
Yaxkin Spa - Indulge in a Mayan Spa holistic treat in Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Hacienda Chichen - Best Green Hotel in Yucatan, Mexico
Hacienda Chichen - Rated #1 Hacienda to visit in Yucatan by TripAdvisor!


   Yucatan Adventure Geo-Travel Guide's Archaeologists Articles:

About Us     Contact Us     Archives 2009     Articles 2008

Yucatan Adventure  Eco-Travel  Guide  is a volunteer  project  of  our NGO Citizen  Sustainable  Association the  Maya  Foundation  In Laakeech  A.C. dedicated to the welfare of the Maya rural communities in Yucatan, Mexico


Yucatan Adventure:Mexico's best Green Eco-Travel Guide - Bringing you information pertaining to the Yucatan and the Mayan World.Yucatan Adventure offers Mayan Vacation Packages at low prices to visit Yucatan, Mexico, enjoy Chichen Itza magic and mystical Mayan experiences by selecting one of our many Yucatan Eco-Vacations and Mexico's top Green Spa-Wellness Retreats in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  Visit our "Mayan Eco-Spa Special Offers and Chichen Itza Eco-Spa Resort Vacation Packages and Family Eco-Cultural Activities gear to enjoy Yucatan, Mexico while supporting Eco-Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Tourism. Contact us via email to: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx and summit our Yucatan free volunteer abroad programs.  Yucatan Adventure offers Mayan Vacation Packages at low prices to visit Yucatan, Mexico, enjoy Chichen Itza magic and mystical Mayan experiences by selecting one of our many Yucatan Eco-Vacations and Mexico's top Green Spa-Wellness Retreats in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  Visit our "Mayan Eco-Spa Special Offers and Chichen Itza Eco-Spa Resort Vacation Packages and Family Eco-Cultural Activities gear to enjoy Yucatan, Mexico while supporting Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Tourism; stay in Mexico's best Green Boutique Hacienda Hotel in Chichen Itza, indulge in unique Mayan holistic Spa beauty care, tour the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza or capture the magic of birds flying at sunrise singing all day at the Hacienda Chichen Bird Refuge, Yucatan's Maya Jungle Reserve and Eco-Resort! Help us protect the Maya Jungle and Forest, Yucatan's wildlife, fauna, animals and their indigenous habitat: join our volunteer sustainable tourism and Eco-Volunteer for the Maya Foundation In Laakeech and start your own Yucatan Adventure Eco-Travel vacations' activities "must do" list! We encourage you read our articles about Maya Culture, traditions  in Yucatan, and Top Places to Visit.