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Sarah Brightman Chichen Itza Concert: October 31, 2009 at 8 PM Sarah Brightman
Special Concert Night in Chichen Itza: October 31st, 2009

  World renowned soprano, Sarah Brightman performs in Chichen Itza Archaeological Zone October 31, 2009 at 8 P.M.  and Chichen Service will help you plan a fabulous weekend to enjoy a great performance, a magical night and a fabulous weekend stay at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico!.
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Dear Reader,

Did you visit Geotourism Challenge 2009 for Sustaining the Future of Destinations, where our NGO's Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. with the Hacienda Chichen featured our sustainable tourism vision? this program was sponsored by National Geographic and Ashoka's Changemakers.

In March 2009, a new Green Mayan Spa experience awaits you at Yaxkin Spa, Chichen Iza, Yucatan, Mexico, where you can nourish your skin with the ultimate Spa beauty and deluxe Spa Skin care.

oin our volunteer team
and help the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Social Work Programs; Yucatan volunteering vacations await you! Out of region volunteers are granted free rooming by the Hacienda Chichen at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico while helping Maya people and communities nearby.  For our volunteers and reader travelers, we recommend you read our  "Safe Travel Tips", a helpful guide about Mexican currency, safe Credit Card habits, and useful information on "Yucatan's public bus transportation. 

 Equinox Purification Ritual at Hacienda Chichen

 Mayan sacred ceremonies still are celebrated according to the Mayan Calendars at Hacienda Chichen Resort, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.

Participate this March 21st, 2009 in a unique Mayan mystical and holistic experience celebrated at Yaxkin Spa's Zumpul-che, a Mayan Sacred Cave and holistic sweat-bath gear to prepare you to harmonize your inner-energy with the Cosmic influences of the Spring Equinox. A Mayan celebration of union with Mother Earth and the Cosmos offered by the Mayan Elder Priests and Wiseman (Mayan Shamans) at the Sacred Ceremonial Site they keep within the Mayan Jungle Reserve at Hacienda Chichen Resort.  Spring 2009 Mayan Equinox Zumpul-che Ceremony requires a USD $65 donation per person; Mayan Senior Healers and Mayan J-Men Shamans will offer three limited sessions to individual and group bookings, participation is limited so make your reservations now to: info@yucatanadventure.com.mx

Our Volunteer TeamThe 2009 Board of Directors for the Maya Foundation In Láakeech A.C. is headed by Mr. Ruben Gutierrez and Don Valerio Canche among others.  The foundation's 2009 social work agenda will include the opening of a new Health Center, public eco-friendly bathrooms, kitchen, and multi-function building with an indigenous medicinal garden where our social volunteer workshops, plus nutritional cooking classes, will be held to service the Mayan villages in the Chakom municipality; this project is part of the Children Malnutrition Program started in 2007.

We invite you to  contact us  requesting articles you would like to read in our upcoming months, just let us know areas of interest to you and your friends and we will focus our efforts to please you!

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Chichen Services and  Yaxkin Spa  support the Maya Foundation In Laakeech's Volunteer Community Programs bringing travelers these two special discount choices:

SPRING 2009 OFFER: Book a Mayan Spa Getaway Couples Package for the month of April 2009 through Chichen Services and help us help. 10% of your reservation profits will be used to support the Maya Foundation In Laakeech and our Eco-Travel volunteer web-site.

Read about other Mayan sacred rituals and ceremoniesThe year 2009 will have a 13 full moon cycle; and the J-Men or Mayan Shamans and Wiseman Healers suggest that those visiting Chichen Itza during such times, should participate in one of their mystical Mayan Ceremonies: KAY NIKTE' to celebrate our spiritual connection with the Cosmos

 Hacienda Chichen slideshow activities

ROSCA DE REYES Traditional Fiesta at Hacienda Chichen, don't miss this Colonial traditional food and pińata party time if you are in Chichen Itza on the afternoon of January 6th, 2009. Participate in this open free Rosca bread and Mayan hot chocolate at the Hacienda Traditional Mexican Rosca de Reyes BreadChichen, who has launched a fun Colonial Mexican Traditional agenda as part of this unique green boutique hotel's dedication to share Mexico's Culture, fiestas and traditions with guests and visitors. Contact us for further details and registration; we highly recommend you to stay at this unique Green Boutique Spa-Hotel, contact their Reservation Center, call:
From Canada, Europe and USA Toll Free: 1-(877)-631-4005
From Mexico:       52 (999) 920 84 08
Email    : info@haciendachichen.com
Website: www.haciendachichen.com

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For the Love of Chocolate Culinary Festival

Free Maya Culinary Classes Celebrating Love and Friendship at Hacienda Chichen

This past 14th of February, Maya Chocolatier Aurelio Haz Kub, Consulting Chef at Hacienda Chichen, offered free Mayan Culinary Classes to couples as part of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech 2009 Fiesta and Festival Events. Register here, limited admission; classes started at 4pm and after our St. Valentines Cocktail Party, donations of USD $10 per couple were highly appreciated.   Review our 2009 Mayan and Colonial Festivities and Events Calendar.

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Our First Mayan and Fusion Cuisine Festival at Hacienda Chichen  Resort in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, was a true success; it was held during the 11th and 12th of   December 2008 to honor Mexico's beloved Virgen de Guadalupe; and guests enjoyed flavoring traditional fiesta snacks as well as the free Mayan Cooking classes given by Executive Chef Josue Cime.

Our most read 2008 articles are about the ancient Maya Civilization with a brief introduction to Mayan Gods & Deities, and how the Spanish Catholicism forced Mayans to blend both belief systems.

Maya Foundation In Laakeech Nutrition Center in XcalacoopWith great joy and proud faces, the Hacienda Chichen staff volunteer their time to help  in  constructing the New Nutrition Center donated by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech to the Xcalacoop Health Clinic. The building will host many healthy nutrition programs to help Mayan children and families. We invite you to read our August article about this great volunteer effort.

A Farewell luncheon to celebrate the opening of our New Nutrition Center at the Health Clinic in Xcalacoop was held July 28, 2008 at noon time.  The New Nutrition Center was built by Hacienda Chichen volunteer staff members as part of the Maya Foundation In Laakeech social programs dedicated to the welfare of the Maya Children.

ESPECIAL NIGHT AT CHICHEN ITZA: Placido Domingo's Chichen Itza Concert was celebrated the night of October 4th, 2008. 

Mayan Cooking Classes - Hacienda Chichen & Spa, Chichen Itza, YucatanAnother article we hope you enjoy is the Mayan Cooking with healthy recipes from a variety of Mayan Chefs. This month we have added a few delightful recipes.

We invite you to become a friend or member of our volunteer team.  There are many ways you can help, just contact us via email and help us bring a brighter future and hope to the Maya children living nearby Chichen Itza.  Their welfare is ours and yours.

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On June 7th, 2008 Yucatan's Mayan Wiseman and Elder Healers, from the association KUCH KAAB Y'EETEL J'MEN MAAYA'OB, A.C., celebrated an authentic Mayan Sacred Ceremony at the border of Chichen Itza's Cenote Sagrado, the first Mayan ceremony celebrated in the site since INAH took the guardianship of this archaeological Maya site.  J-Men Bartolome Poot and Mayan Elder Wiseman Idelfonso Ake did the offerings to honor Mother Nature's Spiritual Guardians.  Also, the J-Men offered a special Mayan blessing U TS'ITSJA'IL YÁALAL JA' to purify the Sacred Cenote's fresh water energy flow.  An article about this important Chichen Itza Mayan ritual will soon appear in our website.

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Fundacion Maya In Laakeech - Mayan Foundation In Laakeech - YucatanIn June 2008, the Xcalacoop New Clinic and the Maya Foundation In Laakeech A.C. began their summer social volunteer workshops to support the healthy social growth of young adults;  activities focus on dating and mating issues: moral values, expressions of love, addictive personalities, violence, sexuality; plus, a workshop dedicated to pregnancy, parenting, and child care.

Psychologist Maria Julia Miam Chan was hired, by the Maya Foundation In Laakeech, to conduct these volunteer summer social programs.  If you wish help support these activities, contact us at info@yucatanadventure.com.mx 

In June the first summer volunteer ESL workshops began with Ms. Daniela Masaro's help.  We thank her for the time she volunteer to teach two English classes.  She also enjoyed learning about Mayan medicine plants and traditions from Mayan Elder Healers Beatriz Correa and Ix-Men Venancia (photo bellow)

Volunteer team for the Mayan Children Nutrition Program - Yucatan

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We are happy to share with our readers that the National Geographic Online Travel site lists Hacienda Chichen and Yaxkin Spa in their Best Eco-Spa Destinations.  Both small companies have greatly contributed with monthly support and donations to our social work ventures; and it is with great joy that we congratulate them for their strong commitment to excellence and quality.

 Thanks to Toh Boutique support and to the Maya Foundation In Laakeech Children's Nutrition program, help has reached the Mayan children of Xcopteil, Chankom.   This little village has a high rate of poverty, and all the help to our nutrition program is greatly appreciated.

San Isidro Labrador Colonial traditionsWe hope you enjoy reading our May article in honor to Saint Isidro Labrador, patron saint of Xcalacoop, Yucatan, Mexico, as well as of the Hacienda Chichen; on May 15th each year, a traditional festival is celebrated in its honor.  This year, the party gather over 300 guests from nearby Maya communities, who came to celebrate and share with their families the joy of giving, sharing, love and family values.

Another page of interest is our Maya People article dedicated to those professional individuals who are role-models in their communities, such as Chef Josue Cime. we congratulate both for their dedication to help young Maya adults with job-related  opportunities and to acquired needed skills under their guidance. Chichen Itza region offer no formal higher education programs and learning opportunities are unavailable to help young adults develop skills needed in the hospitality industry, which keeps on growing and can be a good source of local income.

Mayan Healing - Mayan Herbs

Last but not least of our Spring 2008 News, is the Maya Foundation In Láakeech's great success with the Maya Nature Tours dedicated to teach youngsters, living in communities nearby Chichen Itza, a bit about Maya Healing Plants and Traditions. Here, Jose Tamay is showing Mayan children the wonderful world of Regional Medicinal Plants and about the Maya Healers that use them!

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Our sincere gratitude to Mr. Marcelo Rivero, CEO of Jumex in Mexico. In May 2008, the Xcalacoop Health Clinic has reported with great success that 60 children diagnosed with high levels of Malnutrition in former months, have achieved proper weight gain and nutrition levels in their last testing May 22nd; therefore, these children are now placed in the Preventive Nutrition Program that the Maya Fundation In Laakeech is helping support. We hope to report such great success soon with the Mayan children of Xcopteil, Chankom.  

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November 1st and 2nd are of the utmost importance to all Mexican families; during this time, families prepare special altars and meals to honor their beloved ancestors, family members, and friends.   In Yucatan, this tradition is known as U Hanal Pixan, which means “Meals for the Souls” — in the rest of Mexico this time is known as “Day of the Death” — a time to celebrate life and death cycle and the human soul with love and respect.

U Hanal Pixan is a tradition rooted in pre-Colonial beliefs.  The altar honors the departed souls, which are believed to return on these dates to celebrate life and their families, in a ritual with a special meal dedicated to them with joy and much love.  Rural Mexico continues to celebrate these dates with the utmost care and honor, each family decorates their loved one's burial place — the cemeteries of most villages are filled with lively colors, music, prayers, flowers, and candles.

At Hacienda Chichen, a lovely altar was placed inside the Colonial Chapel to honor the family’s ancestors and dear friends.  Each altar is decorated with flowers, candles, angels, and photographs of the beloved departed souls; some of their favorite personal items were placed near each photo with special meals, breads, candies, and beverages set in the altar with much care.

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Congratulations to the Maya Foundation for its new Maya title: "IN LÁAKEECH"

On December 2007, the Maya Foundation was granted its non-profit status in Mexico.  To celebrate this important event, the Maya Elder Wiseman, known as J-Men, granted the foundation its new title: In Láakeech, also spell as In Lakech, which in Yucatec Maya signifies, "I recognize you are I, and that I am you," a holistic expression of unity.  The name clearly exemplifies the Maya Foundation's mission and vision to bring brotherhood amongst the human race and a helping hand to those less fortunate. 

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So come to Yucatan, Mexico, and enjoy a Mayan Vacation this 2009 that is sure to leave you wishing to return again and again! Review our "Special Offers" web-page to start planning your visit; don't forget to contact us if you wish to be a 2009 volunteer for the Maya Foundation In Laakeech social support programs or if you wish to donate your time and support in any other way.

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