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Hacienda Chichen Resort and Yaxkin Spa are dedicated to the Mayan eco-cultural traditions and the best quality service found in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico
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Mayan  Calendars

Get to know more about the Maya Culture  Ancient Maya discovered two fundamental ideas in mathematics and used them in their numeric system: a) positional value; and,  b) the concept of zero.

300 years after the Maya accomplished their impressive numeric system; only The Hindu great ancient civilization was able to acquire such important numeric understanding.

Reserve your stay at Hacienda Chichen to experience one of this truly mystical ceremonies.

DID YOU KNOW: The Elder J-Men or Mayan Shamans and Wiseman Healers suggest that if you visit Chichen Itza during 2014 you participate in one of their  mystical KAY NIKTE' monthly ceremony to renew your intimate connection with Life, the Moon and Cosmos. (see dates)

  The Mayan solar calendar of 365 days depicted here is called "Haab;” it is divided into 18 months of 20 days, each with a period of 5 days left over at the end of the year. This short 5 day month is called “Uayeb,” the resting of the year.

The most important calendar cycle for the Maya is Tzolkin, a ritual calendar of 260 days also known as the Sacred Almanac and J'Men Elder Mayan Priests (Shamans) continue using its count to celebrate their Mayan sacred rituals and ceremonies.  It is composed of 13 months, each with 20 days. Every day in the 260 day calendar has a unique corresponding position in time as well as in the “Haab” or the solar 360 + 5 day Maya calendar.  Each day’s position in the calendars only repeats itself every 52 solar years.


Explore the Maya Culture and Traditions

A cycle of 52 solar years, called the Sacred Calendar Round intermeshes with both Haab and Tzolkin calendars to form a calendar system of the Maya’s Cosmo-vision and time.  The Mayan Solar Calendar or Haab has a cycle of 360 days plus 5 purification and rebirth days + hours (a period of uneven Plan a Holistic Mayan Cultural Experience for your next vacations"days and hours" needed to conclude the earths time/space zone) to conclude the orbit cycle around the sun.  Our current Gregorian Solar Calendar deals with this time/space portion by adding one day to the month of February every four years of 365 days.

The Holographic Mayan Calendar System includes the Long Count Mayan Calendar cycle with its fifty two thousand solar calendar year periods, counted as units of time/space cycles. The Maya interlocking calendar Cosmo-vision and interpretation of time and space was perfected during the 1st millennium A.D. by ancient Mayan Wiseman and still fascinates even today's scholars for its accuracy and hologram simplicity of a complex mathematical calculation and interpretation of time/space.

THE MAYA LONG COUNT:  The Maya calculated dates millions of years in the past and the future for ritual purposes with the use of their “Long Count,” or date calendar, which records the total number of days that have elapsed since their zero day  that can be correlated to August 2nd, 3114 B.C. in our Gregorian calendar.  The present Haab calendar cycle will end on or December 21st, 2012 A.D. in our Gregorian calendar which will mark the winter equinox.  The slow wobbling of the earth's polar axis causes the precession of equinoxes, also known today as the Platonic Year, this was well known by ancient Maya timekeepers, or sky-watchers, and played an important part in ancient Mayan gods, sacred ceremonies, Cosmo-vision and Mayan mythology.

       December 21st, 2012 Winter Solstice marks not only the conclusion of the Haab or Maya Long Count calendar, but in astronomic terms that date is when the Sun will conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic; this rare astronomical event was calculated with extreme exactitude by the ancient Mayan Wiseman, and will be celebrated with a Mayan Holistic Zumpul-che Cave ritual (or sacred purification sweat-bath  similar to the Aztec's Temazcal ritual) at the Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  If you want to participate, please email us to pre-register.

Did You Know: Solstices are defined as the times at which the sun is furthest from the celestial equator, the length between night and day is at its greatest. The winter and summer solstices usually occur around the 21st December and 21st June respectively, but do change due to the earth's orbit being slightly longer than our 365 day calendar.

Equinoxes occur when the sun is closest to the celestial equator, day and night being of almost equal duration. This 2013 the equinox will occur on the 20th of March (the vernal equinox) and the 23rd. of September (the autumnal equinox). The solstice each year,  such change is due to our solar orbit day count.  Solstices of summer and winter will be on the 21st. of June and 21st. of December.  

Mayan mythology foretells the creation story of the Hero Twins and the end of the present Haab or Long Count calendar cycle; this rare cosmic event, the cross formed by the intersecting Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic path of our solar system, was symbolized with a Ceiba Sacred Tree of Life by ancient Maya and marked the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era.

The long count is based on the number 20 and days are referred to as kin

·         A day is called “kin

·         Each set of 20 kin (days) is called uinal

·         Each set of 360 days is known as tun

·         Each set of 20 tuns (almost 20 years) is known as  katun

·         Each set of 20 baktuns (almost 400 years) is known as baktun

Name and meaning of each "Kin" or Mayan 20 Days:



English Meaning:

Bird / Eagle
Knife / Sacrifice
Thunder / Rain
Lord / Wiseman

English Meaning:

Sea Dragon / Water
Air / Life
Deer / Grasp


Mayan Name:


Mayan Name:

Chic' chan

Day #


Day #




You may wish to learn how to find current dates in any of the Mayan Calendars
   at the
  Maya Skies interactive page by Chabot Space Center, USA


Long count dates are inscribed on many ancient
Maya monuments, ceremonial vessels and codex. The count is expressed in a sequence like this one which reads: 9 baktuns, 13 baktuns, 0 tuns, 5 uinals,  2 kins. NOTE: original Maya numerical reading format goes from right to left numbers as shown in the wheels of time photo below:

Learn about the Maya Cosmovision Holistic Teachings and Traditions  The Maya Calendar: an understanding of the Cosmos

A Maya Calendar Cycle Ending and the beginning of a New Maya Long Count Cycle.

OTHER MAYA CALENDAR FACTS:  We concluded the Mayan Male Energy Cycle this November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) with J'Men Jose Tamay, a Maya shaman, closing the cycle with a Saka Maya Ceremony in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.  We welcomed the new energy cycle dedicated to the female energy and rebirth cycle on December 22nd. 2011 at the start of the Winter Solstice with the Maya female healers, known as Ix'Men activating the New Light Cycle and Wisdom of Mother Earth with a ceremony to Ix'Chel the supreme Maya goddess. For the Maya Healers the start of this new cycle is the renewal of the female energy in our planet's collective consciousness with a gentler energy that will guide us all to become more aware of our intertwined multidimensional existence and begin the process to awaken the collective mind to reconnect with the Cosmos with a new understanding (Maya Cosmo-vision). To help us prepare for this new Light Cycle, the Maya Female Shamans and Healers now oversee this year's Maya Ceremonies in Chichen Itza Sacred Maya Ceremonial Site at Hacienda Chichen.


MFIL Mayan Calendar and Cosmovision Teacher: Ms. Mucuy Kak For travelers interested in learning about the Mayan Calendars and their intriguing time-count method, the Hacienda Chichen Resort has the pleasure to announce the Mayan Calendars Workshops conducted by Mayan Specialist Ms. Mucuy Kak Moó Marín, a dedicated Maya Scholar and Communications Development Engineer who teachers as a volunteer in many of our MFIL Volunteer Adult Education Programs various aspects of the Mayan Culture, Cosmo-vision, and the Mayan dynamic way of counting time and space with holistic wisdom.

This article is a courtesy of the following non-profit organizations:
Elder Mayan Wiseman Association:
with the kind support of:

Yucatan Adventure's Recommended Eco-Travel Special Offers:

Annual March Equinox Ceremonies will be celebrated
in Hacienda Chichen, Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico:

Mayan Spring Equinox Ceremony  celebrated on the 20th of March at 11 AM by the
Ix-Men, Mayan Elder Female Healers (Mayan Shamans) at their Sacred Ceremonial Site.
 Spring Equinox Ritual will renew your holistic inner communion with the Cosmos and Nature.
Come and participate in  our annual Maya Equinox ceremony
Zumpul-che a holistic Mayan purification sweat-bath ceremony highly recommended to revitalize your inner communion with Mother Nature, renew your vital energy, and reconnect mind, body, emotions, and soul.



Experience holistic Maya Cosmo-vision rituals and mystical Eco-Spa Mayan ceremonies at Hacienda Chichen that will enrich your visit to Chichen Itza and Yucatan, Mexico

These unique Mayan Eco-Cultural Wellness Getaway experiences were designed with the support and help of the Mayan Elder Healers and Wiseman, and include mystical personal encounters with the Mayan Cosmo-vision, traditions, Mayan purification rituals, Green Spa Wellness personal care, holistic living and organic healthy meals.

For details contact:
 Hacienda Chichen Spa Resort

Hacienda Chichen is a Green Sustainable Destination located in Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico


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